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Thursday, August 03, 2006


I love a skull-n-crossbones iPod cozy as much the next guy, but subversive craft can sometimes only take you just...so far. On Extreme Craft, I try to take you beyond one-note jokes, where the maker is providing a simple twist to a dowdy old project. To get my attention, it usually has to involve herculean effort, mental illness, or multiple layers of humor, history, and handiwork. On the surface, webzine "The Anti-Craft" is a one-note joke...a Goth update of "traditional" grannycraft. When I found this website, it made me smile, but I realized that there was something deeper going on with the site that kept pulling me back in.

The "editrices" of the zine have churned out four issues that are jam-packed with interviews, essays, and detailed craft projects including a Toxic Tea Set, a recipe for dangerous tomato soup, and my personal favorite, knitted condoms. The site is filled with with wry, self-deprecating humor of a sort that most of the goths that I know have mastered. They're playing up their geeky sides, having fun with identity and traditional roles. Their projects are delivered with caveats aplenty, letting readers know about the dangers that are in store for you, their dear reader.

Also, today marks Martha Stewart's 65th birthday, so what better way to pay tribute than to pay a visit to your pals at "GOTHIC MARTHA STEWART". This site will help you embrace your inner Goth-Martha, advising on home decor, shopping, and even gothing up your wedding.

LINK to Anti-Craft via BoingBoing


At 8/16/2006 01:12:00 PM, Blogger The Style Page said...

Hmmm ... do you recall The Red Hot Chili Peppers' take-off of the cover of The Beatles'Abbey Road? They were naked, excepting the socks covering their privates. Too bad they didn't have the knitted condom covers!


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