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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Knitters Digest

Yesterday, I mused about the connections between ceramics, sex, and..um..certain digestive functions. I've been meaning to bring you a link to the knitted digestive system that showed up on Craftster a while back. HERE IT IS! Bigger, badder, and more digestive than ever. The mysterious creator, armatie, has created a mysteriously informative website for the digestive system, complete with PATTERN! Knitting and crocheting are a natural for connections to the body. A wise friend even told me that each stitch releases endorphins into the body. My ladyfriend Claire just bought a knitting machine, so creating a hundred stitches at once is going to have us giving backrubs to everybody like we were on ecstacy. Perhaps that's too much information. I hope we can program the punch cards on the knitting machine to spit out digestive tracts!



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