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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Quilting Under the Pressure

Kate from Obsessive Consumptionjust sent me this image by Icelandic artist Siggi Eggertsson. I nearly melted with joy when I clicked the link, and the closer I looked, the more I loved it. Siggi Eggertsson is a young graphic designer with a flair for the geometric and obsessive. He created this quilt, which contains at least 10,000 pieces and measures nearly 6.5 feet by 8 feet. The colors and patterns used in the piece recall paintings of the Pattern and Decoration Movement, yet also stays true to its digital roots. The patterns, motifs, and iconography that are used all reflect the artist's own childhood memories. Visually, the quilt hews to colors that are familiar to the viewers and makers of quilts, which becomes jarring when the icons of Michael Jordan and the German Shepherds are introduced.

As I combed through Eggertsson's site for other clues to the origin of this work, I was delighted to find a clever, multi-disciplinary mind at work. Not only has he developed his own personal geometric style, he has put that style to work in a variety of contexts. Most intriguingly, he took advantage of the portability of laptop computers, and began drawing outdoor landscapes as he saw them, a la impressionist painters. Other print work includes typography, calendars, and illustration, all fairly bursting with creative energy. Quilting is reportedly a passion for Eggertson, so I'm crossing my fingers for more masterpieces.

LINK thanks, Kate!


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