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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Kansas City, Here I Come!

This Thursday, September 21st, I will be delivering a lecture at the Kansas City Art Institute as part of their "It's Only Natural" visiting artist series. I'll be showing some slides of my own work and lecturing about my codependent relationship with Craft. I'll also be playing show'n'tell, going through some rapid-fire slides representing some of the greatest artists that have appeared on Extreme Craft. I promise you, it will not be dull. Put down that barbecued rib, and get your ass down to Vanderslice Hall on the KCAI campus. 7pm sharp. You would never guess from the site, but I love to talk. If you'd like the Extreme Craft Roadshow to visit your town or campus, drop me a line. Thanks to Matt Takach, who designed this swell poster!



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