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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cardboard Stormtroopers!

Aside from sticking my nose in a book during Labor Day weekend, Claire and I made our annual pilgrimage to the DragonCon Stormtrooper Parade. This year,
around 950 costumed revellers participated, marching in different groups representing superheroes, Harry Potter, Buffy, Star Trek (special kudos to the Klingon wandering around with a cardboard sign reading "Series Canceled, Please Help"), and of course, Star Wars. The Extreme Craft award for Extreme Craftiness goes out to the Stormtroopers pictured above, who prove that you don't need a fancy PVC costume to rock dragon con--all you need is heart. The parade marshal this year was, inexplicably, Mickey Rooney (did he have a cameo on Battlestar Gallactica or something?). I can't wait to see what DragonCon dishes out next year.


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