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Monday, September 11, 2006

Cardboard Stormtroopers Unmasked!

I'm so happy! I got a reply to the video that I posted on Youtube from one of the cardboard stormtroopers....in fact, it was the ringleader of the Stormtroopers. Extreme Craft readers will be glad to know that the corrugated chappie was none other than Atlanta's beloved pirate, Cap'N Drew! Apparently, Drew has dabbled in cardboard robotics before. You can check out some robot and pirate hijinks at his website. Piratepalooza, Atlanta's premiere pirate-themed pub crawl is coming up on Saturday, Septembarrrrrrh 16th, so be sure to stretch out your rum ration until then. In addition to more information about cardboard robots, the website also has information on Drew's cardboard underwear and the props he made for movies like Dumb and Dumberer. Extreme.


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