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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Agrifolk Follow-Up

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I just got an email from Jonathon Keats, conceptual artist and art farmer about the Agrifolk project. He provided these statistics:

In all, eighty-one drawings were culled over a three-day period. An impressive forty-seven of the fifty trees produced at least one artwork, the exceptions being W, GG, and II. The most prolific were A and V, which each produced four works, though only one drawing by each will be included in the Soho Myriad exhibition. In fact, while seven artists produced three images, no artist will have more than two pictures in the show. (The thirty selected drawings showcase the work of twenty-two artists.) Deserving special mention are G, M, R, and HH, which will each have the distinction of exhibiting the twoworks that they created, and PP, J, Q, and SS, which will be represented in the show by two of their three works.


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