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Monday, August 28, 2006

Threat Level: PINK

Live in Seattle? Not planning on spending your weekend removing mold from your grout or looking at virtual craft items? You can view some very real Extreme Craft in person at the Bumbershoot festival. Curator Yoko Ott has put together an awe-inspiring show featuring several artists that have been profiled before on this website, including Theresa Honeywell (she of knit motorcycle fame), Charles Krafft, and Orly Cogan. Entitled Softly Threatening: Artwork of the Modern Domestic, the show takes its name literally, exhibiting everything from machine guns to candy and bridal registry flatware, all re-imagined as artistic metaphors for domesticity. Ott presents a wide variety of processes and products in the exhibit. Elizabeth Jameson works with fondant icing, crystallized sugar, and other compelling materials in her larger-than-life sculptures that take on the stullifying expectations and isolation of domesticity. Brett Alexander embroiders text onto uniforms and other ready-made knitted materials, playing with gender roles and queer identity.

Orly Cogan is exhibiting more of her marvelous work that pairs her with an array of unwitting collaborators as she alters and embroiders found textiles. The piece that sounds like the most ambitious of the lot is Mandy Greer's Small But Mighty Wandering Pearl, an installation featuring a life size (and exquisitely crafted) disemboweled stag, whose entrails spread throughout the gallery, covering hundreds of feet. The stag is hand stitched from various linens, and features a set of oversized antlers covered in hundreds of pearls. The goriness of the scene is reportedly transcended by the fabulousness of the spectacle--guts come together to form interesting constellations, such as a chandelier that hangs from the ceiling. Have I convinced you to drop your grout-cleaning toothbrush and head down to Bumbershoot yet? I thought as much.



At 8/30/2006 05:55:00 PM, Blogger Heather said...

Hey Garth,
I was going down to Bumbershoot anyways to see the New Pornographers and the Yarnharlot (not together, unfortunately) but your preview convinced me I was right to get tickets for two days not just one! Thanks, I'm so excited now...


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