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Monday, August 14, 2006

Shop and Awe II

You're reading the literary craft equivalent of junk food right now. "Craft" macaroni and cheese from a box...or better yet, the REALLY lazy kind where you just boil the noodles and squeeze the pre-made cheese out of the sauce packet. You should be at another site right now, reading something nourishing. May I suggest Kate Bingaman's excellent "Obsessive Consumption"? I've mentioned Obsessive Consumption on Extreme Craft before....heck, I even attended Kate's wedding, but now I have something truly impressive to tell you about: The OBSESSIVE CONSUMPTION SHOP!

Kate is obviously pursuing the endgame between her website and your mortal soul (or at least your wallet). First, she grabbed your attention with her cataloguing of everything she ever bought for several years, then she started drawing her daily purchases (and as an act of penance, the credit card bills that she's dutifully paying off). NOW, you can show Kate your love (and add a sense of fulfillment to your pathetic life) by buying her artwork.

The OC shop includes everything from souvenirs (buttons and sillkscreened hankies), zines (I already bought my copy of the debut issue), and blue-chip investments (Kate's credit card drawings are for sale for the price of the minimum monthly payment on the credit card bill). Do yourself a favor, and pop over to her website, then engage in some retail therapy to complete the experience. Obsessive Consumption wants you to shop!



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