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Monday, August 07, 2006

G-Strings and Pasties

Goodness! Extreme Craft certainly has taken a turn for the adult in the past week! I'm unrepentant, though, because the next item falls under the category of hard-hitting news. Around four years ago, the little old ladies in the village of Koniakow, Poland found their lace making business drying up. The town, which is in the area of Poland that produced Pope John Paul II (along with his lace altar cloths). The ladies did what any industrious crafters would have done in their situation: FIND NEW MARKETS.

The ladies were doubly smart, finding a market where they could maximize their profits and minimize the amount of lace they would have to make--undergarments! Specifically, the grannies of Koniakow specialize in micro-mini-thongs and g-strings, which hasn't played well with the local Catholic church. Reportedly, the local clergy has taken to shaming the dainty-makers by name from the pulpit. The collective must have a good publicist, as they have parlayed the controversy into articles in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and others. The thongs, or "Stringi" in their native Polish, will set you back about 25 Euros, which is a bargain, considering having old world craftsmanship up in your business is PRICELESS.

In other news, What Not to Crochet continues to be one of Extreme Craft's most linked-to websites. Recently, they posted some crocheted pasties that made me throw up in my mouth. A lot. Click on this link at your own risk...you might want to follow it up with a visit to a visit to your pals at Cute Overload to cleanse yourself.

LINK to G-Strings (Thanks, Carrie) LINK to Pasties


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At 6/18/2008 10:36:00 AM, Anonymous emily said...

hey Garth this is one of Jill's students from alliand.. Jill told me to tell you that i wrote them and this is what it said..


im emily from alliance high school. Garth from Extreme Craft.com visited our school and showed us how you knit undies. and we were wondering how you knit them. i love to knit. and i was wondering if you could let us have the pattern or something. we would really appericate it.. our school is getting really good at knitting..
the alliance school"

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