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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Craft Transcends Meatspace

Those of you who live in Seattle are probably totally jaded about the annual Bumbershoot festival, an annual orgy of music, art, and culture. You had probably planned on spending Labor Day at home cleaning the bits of mold from the grout in your shower (or maintaining a Charles Bukowski-style blind drunk blackout), but a quick glance at the arts schedule could make you change your mind. This year's arts festival jumps astride the stallion that is D.I.Y. craft and holds on for dear life. There will be tours, demonstrations and lectures galore, as well as some fantastic exhibitions, including Pixel Dolls, Meatspace, and Everything all at Once, which is an exhibition of a virtual exhibition created in Second Life, which is a virtual online world. Curator Michael Van Horn set up a virtual 16 acre island in Second Life where artists could create games, sculpture, installation, architecture, design, audio and video. The gallery will be filled with projections and monitors where viewers can explore the virtual worlds, as well as real honest-to-god artwork made by real honest-to-god artists in response to Second Life. I've written about "machinima" and "virtual" craft before, and I really wish that I could experience this exhibition for myself, but maybe I'll do the chic thing and send my avatar instead.



At 8/24/2006 05:36:00 PM, Anonymous Stoneseeds said...

That sounds like a really great time. there isnt much like that near where i live, but its cool to see a city get behind the arts.


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