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Monday, July 10, 2006

Wanna See My Etchings?

Hot damn! I loooove me some Etch-a-Sketch. As a child, I spent hours with the Etch-a-Sketch. Unfortunately, rather than churning out masterpieces, you could usually find me exercising my nascent compulsions by blacking out the whole screen by methodically covering the whole screen in tight doodles. To be fair, I think the doodling had more to do with my fascination for seeing the mechanism that made the thing work, but in retrospect, I think my parents should've sent me to the "special" elementary school teacher who played card and puppet games with me a little sooner.

Some are destined for the puppet teacher, and some are destined for greatness, like George Vlosich III. Vlosich is the undisputed champ of Etch-a-Sketch art. He generally sticks to celebrities and sports figures, rendered in mind-numbing detail. Each drawing reportedly takes between 60-70 hours to complete, as he traces and retraces lines to achieve his final result. If you have a spare $5000-$8000 lying around, you can hire him for your own Etch-a-Sketch vanity portrait. His website is a great sampling of his creative output, including some more affordable prints and merchandise. By the way, if you're interested in preserving an etch-a-sketch drawing that you've made, you can remove the back and let out all of the sand. After the sand is gone, you can spray the back with fixative, or even colored spray paint to make the design stand out.



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