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Monday, June 19, 2006

Soccer in the Balls!

The World Cup craft juggernaut continues! German design firm Bora.Herke has designed a series of 32 Adidas soccer balls, representing the 32 qualifying countries in the tournament. There is an arch humor on display in all of Bora.Herke's work, but this project is loaded with clever references and witty craftsmanship. Among my favorites are the wax-print fabric ball representing Togo (shown above), Iznik tiles for Tunisia, and banana leaves for Trinidad-Tobago. The balls were on display at Colette in Paris, and are currently on display at Adidas Originals in Berlin. Sigh. The U.S. ball would have been much more accurate if they found a way to make it out of apathy. Is apathy knitted or welded? It's certainly not riveted.

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