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Monday, June 19, 2006

Scarf it Up!

World Cup fever continues to rage on. I've got an interesting history with the World Cup--I was an exchange student in Germany in 1990, and my first day in Germany was the day after they won the championship in Italy. My first view of Germany was of an insane freak out at the beach house. I spent the 1998 World Cup in Ecuador--it's always great to watch soccer among people who live and breathe it. Atlanta is a pretty great soccer town. Everywhere that I've watched games here has been packed with hardcore fans.

It's time to celebrate the universal brotherhood of sporting by getting your extreme craft on! German artist Rüdiger Schlömer created the website schalalala.de to let artists/fans "remix" soccer scarves by virtually cutting and knitting them together into new frankenscarves. Go ahead! Pay him a visit and have your scarf added to the pantheon of scarves from around the world. Reportedly, Rüdiger will be hosting a knitting workshop in the next few weeks, where the virtual will be rendered in honest-to-goodness yarn. If you live in Berlin, or if you'd like to collaborate, contact Rüdiger to get your knit on. If you can't be there in person, the website is a close second.



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