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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Scam Artists

Why are people sooooo smart and funny? Not a day goes by when my email inbox isn't clogged with mail from Nigerian 419 scammers asking for my help in securing funds from deceased relatives, cashing overseas checks, or purchasing auction goods. There's a whole world of people who like to beat the scammers at their own game. One great ploy was the fellow who sent a scammer a 3-ring binder with computer keys glued to it, making sure that the customs value was astronomical. When the scammer accepted the package, he had to pay the duty, and all he got was a worthless binder.

The latest, greatest twist on this revenge was documented by the good folks at 419 Eater, and I'm happy to say that it involves a case of "Extreme Craft". The 419 Eater folks approached a known scammer in the guise of an art dealer, telling them that they gave scholarships to worth sculptors. At his own expense, the scammer hired African carvers to make a couple of objects, including the Commodore 64 Keyboard pictured above. He then had to pay for having the objects shipped to the UK, where they were dutifully photographed and put on the web. Screw the DaVinci Code--this is the most riveting art tale that I've ever read. Take some time to read the whole thing, and relish the beautiful little details that were put into the scam, as well as the resulting art. 419 Eater, Extreme Craft salutes you.

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garth- this is one of my favorite things I've ever seen on your site! I love it!

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