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Monday, May 01, 2006

Yakov Nesting Dolls

As you might guess, as a fan of Extreme Craft, it's hard for me to resist picking up shining examples of the stuff when I'm in thrift stores, or travelling abroad. One nice thing about being somebody with an eye for beautiful things is that thoughtful friends with similarly trained eyes (and some with not-so-trained eyes) will pick up shocking things to give as a present. One such kind soul, my friend Dan Schlissel, majordomo of Stand Up! Records (home of comedians Doug Stanhope, Lewis Black, and Marc Maron, among others).

Dan's a Jew, so he takes particular pleasure inflicting very wrong Christmas presents on his Gentile pals. I kept forgetting to post his yearly gift....Yakov Smirnoff NESTING DOLLS! Yes...you too can own your own slice of Yakovalia, complete with corny jokes that STILL only work in his new home of Branson, Missouri, where the good folks they ship in for afternoon matinees don't know that the Iron Curtain came down fifteen years ago. God Bless Yakov for putting the craftsmen back in the old country to work. The bottom of the dolls contained a number...suggesting that 2500 of these things were made! What a Kawwwwwn-Treee!



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