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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

That's the Ticket!

Brian Jewett's background is in manufacturing. He left the world of widgets and wonder to start his own small business, thenstarted sniffing around some community learning courses in welding, which led to classes at the Otis School of Design. At Otis, he discovered....Basket Weaving! Rather than getting right with nature and making some really sweet birchbark berry baskets, Jewett turned to what he knows best...industrial materials. His baskets take largely traditional forms, but utilize material like rubber tubing and cable ties to achieve some seriously stunning modern effects.

People in the basket making community have largely embraced him--it's been my experience that many people in traditional crafts don't think of themselves as artists or creative people, but craftspeople are anything but playa haters--they love to see people push the envelope. He's studied with some of the masters of the form, and continues to develop baskets, vases, and beautiful bowls made out of tickets! A somebody with a ceramics background, I definitely see the connection between his bowls and traditional coiled pottery. He uses the traditional flat disk-o-tickets that you would get from carnivals, then molds them into shape and finishes them with a layer of resin for durability, then signs each one. Man! How many games of Skee-Ball do you have to play to get enough of those tickets to make a bowl? I have a hard enough time getting enough for some freakin' finger cuffs or a plastic parachute dude!



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