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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Shawl We Play a Game?

Recent graduate of NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program Gracie Kim knows that your aunt has one of those LED Christmas Tree sweatshirts, and she doesn't disapprove. She knows that's not quite your style, though, and started exploring embroidery with conductive thread combined with LED lights. The result? This fabulous, felted capelet, which was recently shown at the Future Fashion Event in Pisa, Italy. As an added bonus, her website links to her thesis paper about the project, which serves as a great brief history of wearable technology. The paper contains bits of a great debate about utilitarianism in wearable technology. In my opinion, this shawl is perfectly utilitarian, given that the purpose of the LEDs is to glitter like daysequins. I am a bit puzzled by her choice toembroider the garment with varicose veins. Still, glitter is glitter!

LINK via Popgadget


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