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Monday, May 15, 2006

Don't Mach Him!

David Mach
takes sculpting with humble materials to the next level. In 1983, he began a series of sculptures made from matches, including the skull pictured above. The sculptures, being made entirely from matches, are highly combustible, and the burning of the piece becomes a performative element of the artwork. After combustion, the blackened shell of the piece is left to display. For you fire lovers (and most Extreme Crafters are...), David has videos of his burning sculptures. No one trick pony, Mach is a collage artist, installationist, and public sculptor.

Most recently, he created an 8 foot nude sculpture made entirely of Scrabble tiles. The piece, entitled "Myslexia" contains 4,200 tiles (worth more than 76,000 points). Mach also has a newfound love for sculpting with ordinary wire hangers. His "Spaceman" is made from hundreds of hangers welded around a plastic positive. The "antennae" that stick out of the sculpture are meant to evoke the fuzzy motion trail around the figures of the spacemen in the moon landing footage.



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