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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


News of the French Cow Parade hit the ExtremeCraft world pretty hard. An anonymous poster brought this little nugget to my attention. Apparently, a few years ago, Stockholm tried the same damn stunt (what...they didn't have the guts to stand up for themselves and have a lutefisk parade?). The Militant Graffiti Artists of Stockholm didn't take too kindly to the cows, and kidnapped one in the name of art...or at least in the name of anti-advertising-cluttering-up-every-bit-of-downtown-street-space. They demanded that the city declare the cows "non-art" and remove them by a certain date. Alas, Stockholm didn't comply, and the cow had a fatal meeting with a couple of SkillSaws. You can watch a Quicktime movie of the beheading HERE. Sigh.

Sadly, the Americans did it first and best, when a "Vegetarian Terrorist" who called himself "Butch Cassidy" kidnapped a huge Ronald McDonald statue from a restaurant in Mesa, Arizona. Cassidydemanded that McDonalds place vegetarian sandwiches on the menu, or the clown would suffer for it. The statue was beheaded, the head festooned with pins a'la the Hellraiser films, and delivered to McDonalds. Still no luck. The heat got to be too much for the kidnapper, who dumped the headless Ronald in the desert, where it was discovered by a helicopter crew. The perpetrators were eventually caught and brought to trial, where it was revealed that the whole event was more art prank than vegetarian activism. A little bird tells me that at least one of the perps has served as a Guidance Counsellor for a University. Oh yeah...and it's a Trivial Pursuit question, too.

LINK to "Decowpitation"


At 2/05/2014 05:45:00 PM, Blogger Maty Byers said...

So glad I found this. I decided to write down some of the exploits of my friends and mine from our teenage years before I forget them all. One of which was the kidnapping and beheading of poor old Ronald. It appears I actually did forget some stuff, and my friend "D" reminded me of the trivial pursuit question. I wrote about it on my blog iprefercapn.blogspot.com I didn't even mention the beheading. That happened prior to us burning it and leaving it in the desert. I'm going to have to edit my page.


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