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Friday, April 07, 2006

A Wag of the Finger

Did you ever look around you and feel that the world was going to the dogs? Corruption...scandal...abuse of power... I'm still amazed at the cleverness and awesomeness of humans, but occasionally things get so over-the-top that I expect to see frogs starting to rain down from the sky. A couple of weeks ago, my friend Amanda returned from an expedition to New York with these great 10 plagues finger puppets! Just in time for Passover! Lice, locusts, boils, frogs, and all of your favorite plagues are included. 10 Plagues! 10 fingers! A match made in heaven. The finger puppets are the brainchild of master storryteller, artist and musician Yitzy Erps, who also designed these fantastic passover seder puppets, which remind us why we sit in a hard chair, eat matzoh, radishes, and karpas.

BoingBoing also linked to a bag-o-plush plague dolls, including a few that wriggle around when their string is pulled. Not to be outdone, daddytypes.com has a great roundup of finger puppets, including the aforementioned seder puppets, Axis of Evil puppets, and some awesome Hindu puppets. Finally, a Kali puppet to match my fingers' bloodlust!

LINK to Plague Puppets


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