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Friday, April 21, 2006

Life is Unfaire!

If you're reading this from the San Francisco Bay Area, how come you're not in line for MAKE Magazine's Maker Faire? OH RIGHT--you are, but you're reading this from the WiFi enabled Roomba robot display that you hacked using some duct tape and the aluminum from a chewing gum wrapper. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish that I was there right now. Here is some of the goodness that MAKE's weblog promises:

Come see... a flying Pterosaur replica, a flock of whale blimps, a giant painting machine, DIY RFID implants, model rocketry, breadboarding, trailer-glass blowing, The Crucible's welding workshops off the back of fire truck, pinhole photography, soldering, spud gun building, bubble machines and a bubble guy that appeared on Johnny Carson in the 70's, Bunnie Huang, Joe Grand, William Gurstelle and his Backyard Ballistics, The Exploratorium, Zeum, The Lunar Society (rocket builders), Graffiti Research Lab, Squid Labs biodiesel, electric cars, a Linux supercomputer cluster running on veggie oil, neon art, circuit bending, VJs, slide rules, pinball restoration, the Phenomenauts, Satan's Calliope .... and much, much more. Quite an eclectic collection. That's not to mention Diana Eng of Bravo's Project Runway and the fifty craft booths in Bizarre Bazaar and the Swap-o-Rama-Rama.
Diana from Project Runway! Why does Priceline have to suck so badly right now? Maybe we can lure her to the Extreme Craft Expo '07 at the Georgia Dome.



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