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Monday, April 17, 2006

Foreman of the Grillz

To a resident of the Dirty South, the grill is nothing new. In Atlanta, they seem to have peaked a couple of years ago with Lil' Jon. New life has been breathed into the genre, though, with Houston-based Bubba Sparxx wannabe, Paul Wall. Wall's hit "Grillz" is everywhere these days, so it's no surprise that the entrepreneurial rapper opened his own dental appliance business. Grills by Paul Wall is your one stop shop for iced-out orthadontic mayhem, and you'd better be selling some albums, because at $200 and up per tooth, they don't come cheap. Check out the Expensive Taste (pictured above), the Ice Tray, the Sno Cone, or for the truly adventurous, Ballin for Life, which is actually cemented into your mouth.

To get your grill, you have to visit a dentist to have a mold made of your teeth, which you send along to Mr. Wall, who will presumably stop drinking Codeine-Laced cough syrup for long enough to make your mouth a star. Enduring the "hang in there" posters on your dentist's ceiling never felt so good. Or, if you want, you can visit Paul Wall's Ye Olde Grille Shoppe in Houston...and mysteriously, the Gangsta Mecca of...erm...Maryland.

LINK thanks, Tyler!


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