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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Cozy Wars Escalate

Bit by bit, the world is being covered in cozies...and the world is much better for it, I can tell you. The latest escalation in the cozy race (I've seen various weapons, a missile and a humvee so far) is this TANK COZY! This is an adorable way to tell your favorite weapon that you love it. Wrap your arms around some arms. Screw all of this, though, I'm going to start knitting cozy cozies...because cozies need love too.

LINK via BoingBoing


At 4/20/2006 02:48:00 PM, Blogger The Regret Keeper said...

That rocks! So far, all I've been able to knit is squares and rectangles. But someday, I aspire to cozydom!

At 4/30/2006 06:06:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

knitters can change the world!!! unite and knitout wars.
cool pix.

At 5/07/2007 03:46:00 PM, Anonymous kaye said...

Liking your work and thought you'd fell all snuggly to know that there's more weapon possibilities from wool. Got some grenades and flying stars at www.hibernatedesign.com - so long as you're not offended by the felted beast!


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