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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tuesday is the day to Roll the Dice!

While I'm on the subject of Karma, Jeffrey Yamaguchi's must be off the charts. Yamaguchi is the author of the wondiferous 52 Projects, which was published last year by Penguin. 52 Projects' tagline is "Random Acts of Everyday Creativity", and Yamaguchi means it. The book is a perfect antidote to creative blocks of all stripes. If you're feeling verklemmt, pick up the book, or pop on over to the 52 Projects website, and crib some inspirado. Are you the drinking type? There are perfect projects for you, including popping open a bottle of champagne the next time you get some bad news, or simply perfecting your margarita or shotgunning a beer with your old college buddies. There are other great projects dabbling in mail art, performance, photography, writing, and other acts of creative mayhem. Here's one of my favorites (#43).

Make a cake. A big one. Write something obscure on the top of it:

"Texas, here we come!"
"Tuesday is the day to roll the dice"
"Here's to more closet space!"
"Cubicle 404, YES!"

Then, place the cake in your office's kitchen area or break room. Put paper plates and plastic forks next to it, and make sure to cut out a slice, so people know that it's okay to eat. Don't let anybody see you bring in the cake.
52 Projects will help you build up those atrophied creative muscles...or if they're in pretty good shape already, keep you sleek, supple, and toned.



At 3/12/2006 03:52:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


It was good meeting you today, and I just wanted to say, awesome. Hit me up for teaching advice

--jim withington

p.s. i had no idea that you were all 52 projectsed up when i was talking to you about it today. :-)


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