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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Shoe First, Ask Questions Later

I'm still on a roll from my visit to Portland, otherwise known as Portland Nike City. As cool and diverse as Portland is, The Swoosh™ has the Rose City in a corporate headlock. Vancouver-based Artist Brian Jungen recently exhibited a body of work where he took the juiciest Nike sneakers (helloooooo...vintage Air Jordans anyone?) and deconstructed/reconstructed them into various forms reminiscent of dinosaur skulls, mandalas, ceremonial masks, and other sundry objects. Perhaps this will trigger a wave of kids performing "mash-up" surgery on their kicks. Currently, a comprehensive show of Jungen's work is on display at the Vancouver Art Gallery through April 30th. Other works in the exhibition include whales made from lawn chairs, and minimalist sculpture created out of stacks of colored lunch trays.

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