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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Frankenstein's Toychest

I grew up a bit late for Pixar's Toy Story, but that doesn't stop me from appreciating it as an adult. My favorite part of the film has always been Sid, the next door neighbor who Frankensteins all of his toys into horrific creations. Whenever I hear an adult whining about the toys that kids have to play with today, I get a little bit upset, because kids today don't have the privelege of having toys that they could maim themselves on. I was fortunate to grow up on the cusp, where small pieces weren't an issue, and every gradeschooler worth their salt had a chemistry set in their closet. Most toys got remixed eventually--a particular fave of mine was my sister's Daddy Warbucks doll with different faces drawn in marker on his bald head. If they didn't get remixed, they faced the fate of all forgotten toys....being blown up with fireworks.

Lest you be afraid that kids today are too wrapped up in their Playstations and electronic gadgets, check out Toy Lab, a division of Cincinatti's Happen, an all-purpose creative studio for kids. At Toy Lab, participants pick out seven different toys (mostly of the Happy Meal and action figure variety) and "remix" them into SidTastic creations, more worthy of their affections. Onsite "experts" help them fasten the critters together and photograph them for their massive online gallery. Give it a try! Better yet, donate your old toys before they get blown up with firecrackers..

LINK thanks, Tracy!


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