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Thursday, March 02, 2006


Most of the craft that makes it into Extreme Craft is either accessible--that is, can be purchased for a reasonable price, or totally unattainable (how much would a popsicle-stick viking ship cost?). Somewhere in between lies LifeGem, a touching, yet macabre, yet crafty tribute to your cremated loved ones. Prices start at around $2500 for a small yellow diamond, and range to around $20,000 for a full carat blue diamond. You'll be the envy of your jewelry class when you show up with the aim of creating a stunning lost-wax setting for Grandma. Did I mention that they also do pets? Since VIP fibers is no longer offering to make pillows out of the remains of your beloved pet, consider some bling instead.

If ceramics are more your style, consider contacting Charles Krafft and having your cremains converted into a Spone® urn. The urn is actually made of the cremains, so you can use that valuable space inside to store something useful....like jellybeans (or Grandma's favorite brand of chronic).

LINK to LifeGem (via Petistic) LINK to Spone®


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