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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Cocktails and candles? You spoil me, Spock.

Almost fifteen years ago, I picked up a copy of "Mind Meld", a self-published collection of homoerotic stories about Spock and Kirk. Every story centered around feelings of desire melting Spock's cold cold Vulcan heart and the doomed love between the two. The stories were accompanied by disturbing pencil illustrations that looked like they were made by the obsessive portrait-drawing kid in your Sophomore art class (oops! That was me!). Over the years, I became increasingly aware of the vast amounts of fan fiction out there, but I never suspected that a huge archive of "PG-13" Spock/Kirk fan art lived on the web. Sweet shit! My favorite picture on the site is by the enigmatic "Jack-of-the-Lantern", but that's just the tip of the iceberg. From lovingly compiled photoshop montages to heartfelt folk-art drawings, Thyla.com has them all. Check out Spock's washboard abs or partially unbuttoned blue jeans. Check out Kirk's tender embraces.

Here you'll find non-explicit, G-PG-13 K/S stories, poetry, art! Over seventy-five writers and artists are represented here, and more are always welcome. The philosophy behind AAK/SA is simple -- there's nothing pornographic about being gay, and nothing obscene about love between men. There are no links to sites with explicit content here; no pictures of naked men; no sex scenes. Rather, it is a celebration of the love between Kirk and Spock that is accessible for a wider audience. This site was created for anyone who wants to explore K/S slash without having to encounter explicit material. Our mission is not one of censorship; if you like what you see here, be my guest to use Google to find something harder. We merely promote the belief that the gender of the partners in the relationship depicted should not inflate the ratings of an otherwise tame piece.
Live Long and Prosper


At 3/16/2006 09:06:00 AM, Anonymous Xianra Du'Soaross said...


Slashfic makes baby cthulhu cry! Or the thought of Spock and anyone other than me makes ME cry ;) And the thought of another great guy that I'd kill to get (even one that's a character from a tv show!) being gay will make me find a watertower and a sniper rifle!

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