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Thursday, March 30, 2006

After-Dinner Ware

Ceramic artists are a bunch of dorks. Believe it or not, there are all kinds of ceramics jokes out there--most of them ending in a punchline like "I said neph syenite, not granular illmenite!". Cough. One of the better ones, though, is the habit of referring to sanitary porcelain ware such as toilets as "after-dinner ware". (applause, laughter). Such a label can be applied to British design firm Wokmedia's "Knot Toilet", which is being exhibited at an exhibition of British design at Droog Design in Amsterdam.

Knot toilet is the result of wondering what happens inside your stomach, inside a toilet or inside a sewer. Knot reflects the "digestion " by contorted pipes which are often hidden inside toilets, in an even more uncovered and twisted way than it would usually look like. It purposes a different kind of aesthetic for toilets, based on showing instead of concealing.
This toilet is an exact reproduction of my digestive system after my friend Pete treated me to my first Beef Pie in London's West End last year. Good show, Wokmedia!

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