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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Whip It!

My friend Henry (of Chunklet Magazine infamy) has taken to saying..."Oooh...I'm gonna blog that" every time somebody says something snotty back to him (which happens like clockwork). Oh, blogs. Pretty soon, the Earth's crust will collapse under all of the weight of bookmarked websites on everybody's browsers. Even so, it's worth it to add WHIPUP.NET to your rounds. WhipUp is the brainchild of Kathreen Ricketson, and serves as a sort of Justice League of crafters, all posting to the central site. So far, so good! My head is full of schemes about lava lamps and plush toys. The site has only been rolling for a week, and is already packed with goodness....I couldn't help but notice that the "extreme" section was...um...a bit on the skimpy side.



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