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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Touched by the Needle of God

Joanna Lopianowski-Roberts is clearly touched. Think of the craft project that you spent the longest on. I once spent a solid month doing a single ceramic piece, and felt preeeeeeetty pleased with myself. Ms. Lopianowski-Roberts, a resident of Junction, Texas, spent a whopping 2,800 hours (over ten years) working on a cross-stitch reproduction of Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel Ceiling. That's almost 117 solid DAYS of work! The entire masterpiece measures 40 inches by 80 inches, and can be only be suitably viewed in this 1 Meg JPEG file. For those of you who would like to follow in her footsteps, the patterns are available (as individual scenes...whew!) at lulu.com. Painting the Sistine Chapel Ceiling. It's only the second most rewarding thing you can do on your back.

LINK via BoingBoing via SpiritFingers


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