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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Charley Friedman Rules the World

Nebraska-born and bred sculptor and artist Charley Friedman is true to his muse. Sometimes, that muse tells him to construct a gigantic soundproof box suspended from the ceiling with a ladder below. That same muse might tell him to be eating cake inside of the box, just inches from where a spectator might climb the stairs and stick their headin . Maybe the muse tells him to surprise the viewer with a bright light that turns on, revealing the cake-eating artist inches from their face. Muses rule.

Currently, Charley has been constructing three-dimensional versions of figures from Miro paintings, and notably, perpetrating the most extreme latch hook object that I have ever laid eyes on. Carpet World (pictured above) is a 6 foot Geo-Political globe, completely latch hooked by hand. Charley has a new show at the Barbara Mathes Galleryin New York entitled Gross Anatomy. The thing about doing a piece with such intricate handiwork? It gives you a lot of time to think. Craft tends to grow exponentially due to this fact. The simple act of crafting begets more (and more extreme) craft, which is one of the cornerstones that Extreme Craft is built on. I can only guess what extremity Charley will be up to next.



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