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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Grows Fins

I've reached the point in the day where I curse myself for not speaking Finnish.
It's a near-daily occurence, which is exacerbated today by running into the work of Oona Tikkaoja. Oona lives in Southern Finland, where she teaches, studies, designs projects for the internet, takes photographs...and makes gigantic soft-sculptures of robots, godzillas, and other "kitsch objects. The sculpture above, from her installation "Killer Robot vs. Robot Killer", which was populated by a giant robot, a giant lizard, and 11 human characters (who look like quilted extras from the movie "Metropolis"). Did I mention the giant wolf? Her work is fueled by her twin interests in folk stories and technology (and gigantic stuffed toys, apparently). I would be on a plane to Helsinki faster than you can say "äärimmäinen" if light deprivation depression didn't make me want to stick knitting needles in my eyes.



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