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Friday, January 06, 2006

The Dorks of Perception

Yesterday, mentioned the work of Mike Burnett, Art Dork extraordinaire, maker of moveable wooden whimsies of the extreme kind. I thought Mike warranted his own entry on Extreme Craft, so here it is! His website features some lovely animations of his figures in action (action...figures?). Cruelly, his website won't display any information about him on my Mac, but I was able to find out that his work is all about "tinkering". Mike points out that Tinkering wasn't always valued by society in the Pre-MacGyver days...in fact, during the Middle Ages, it was regarded as a kind of disease. Mike Burnett has a bad case of tinkering. I understand that he will also gladly engage in conversation about taxidermy, doodling, and any number of other topics.



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