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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Stop Gocco?

Nooooooooooo! Stop the presses! I just got the news that Riso is going to be stopping production on their lovable Print Gocco products. For those of you who have been living in some 70's macrame craft cave, Print Gocco is a very user-friendly way to do small-scale screenprinting. The unit consists of a little unit that exposes the screens with an old-fashioned flashbulb. I heard that Print Gocco was particularly all the rage in Japan, but reportedly, the phenomenon is running out of steam....probably because of those damn internets the kids are crazy about. If you'd like to save the Print Gocco, pay a visit to savegocco.com, where you can download designs for T-shirts, buttons, and flyers, as well as ideas that might help you save Gocco. Let the hoarding begin!



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