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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Look at me! I'm on the BBC!

I'm making a vain (well, actually more like total inability to be embarassed) shout-out to my friend Viktor Zyryanov, who is an accomplished (not to mention fantastic) photographer. He snapped this photo of me in a game show tuxedo hosting the new employee hazing event at the architecture firm where we work. Viktor then submittedit to the BBC Russian.com website, where it got published! The topic was "Emotions", and he titled the shot "Got caught in…glasses”. Congratulations, Viktor! Stick with me, Viktor, and we'll go far...but probably more like the other way around.


Hmmmm. The link doesn't seem to be working right. Try cutting and pasting this in your browser:



At 12/03/2005 01:55:00 AM, Blogger anti-factory said...

ah! the bbc! you look great--so energetic and...well...committed to your cause :)



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