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Monday, December 19, 2005

Go, Trabi Go!

Holy Moly! Artist Liz Cohen is hard at work at the Färgfabriken in Sweden, turning an East German Trabant into an American El Camino. As if that weren't mind-bending enough for you, she'll be sculpting herself into a chiseled "Snap-On" Calendar bikini girl simultaneously. The art space, a former factory which previously hosted David Byrne's "Playing the Factory" installation, is playing host to "Gender Turntable", an equal opportunity art forum meant to examine social issues, roles, and mores. Cohen's project, Bodywork, is as involved as they come, incorporating elements of performance, object-making, and inevitably, plenty of discussion. I can guarantee that the Swedes will be quick on the uptake, and parlez-vousing plenty of "Lowrider-ese" in a very short time. Now, if they could only see the way I transform those little red gummi fish into a huge American Ass!

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