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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Gingerbread, Man!

Over the weekend, my sister Sooze joined the adult world and took over the job of spearheading the family Christmas cookie making event. The usual suspects include English toffee, peanut butter acorns, sugar cookies, "puppy chow", and if we're lucky, almond bark covered pretzels. She called everybody in the family to gather the recipes, then surprised my mother by showing up with all of the ingredients. For some reason, we've never been gingerbread house makers, though. This underpriveleged crafter has never made a gingerbread house in his life! I have all the respect in the world for somebody who can wield the gingerbread with the authority that this group of people in Seattle do. These gingerbread houses are on display at the City Centre Mall in Seattle, and benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. These are gingerbread mansions! Why does gingerbread lend itself to Victorian houses so well? A gingerbread Frank Lloyd Wright house might seem lazy...unless you do the whole falling water thing with a chocolate fountain.

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