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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

McSweeney's #17

McSweeney's #17

I just got my hot little hands on the new issue of McSweeney's (www.mcsweeneys.net). It seems like Dave Eggers and the good folks at McSweeneys managed to find another way to raise the design bar. This issue comes disguised as a pile of junk mail. There are envelopes chock full-o-goodness, plus a few ersatz literary journals, and finally, a beautiful catalog for siamese twin clothing. If you're in San Francisco, drop by their Pirate Store, or if you're in New York, try the Superhero flavor in Williamsburg, or the Wunderkammer flavor in Park Slope.


At 11/18/2005 06:37:00 AM, Blogger O'Grady said...

Nice one. Mine's still sealed. Seeing your photo makes me want to open it but I haven't read the last one yet. Er the one before that. Er...


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