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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Canstruction 2005

Ah, November. Fallen leaves, football, Thanksgiving, and...CANSTRUCTION! Canstruction is an annual event sponsored by the Society of Design Administration where architects and designers compete to build towering objects out of cans to raise awareness of hunger. The cans are then donated to local food banks. Past winners of the competition are mind-blowing. Perkins+Will, the architecture firm where I work in Atlanta competed in our local Canstruction competition, where we placed a respectable second with our Mardi Gras mask. Here are the stats for our entry:

Kroger Vegetables: 900
LeSueur Peas: 400
Kroger Oysters: 80
Hunt's Tomato Paste: 30
Kroger Drink Aid Packets: 1500
That's a lot of green peas to stomach--but hopefully, the cans of oysters and packets of powdered drinks will help even things out. Check out this Flickr photo set that I created, with pictures of other entries, including a huge iPod, a toilet (with requisite toilet paper), Oscar the Grouch, and the plant from Little Shop of Horrors. Let's hope that the toilet entry included a lot of cans of corn.



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