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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Blue Spruce

Urban Outfitters
is the antithesis of Extreme Craft--a corporate vampire that finds out what the art-damaged fashion victims in Williamsburg are up to (mainly putting their iPods into huge Sport Walkmans) and serves it up to mall kids with A.D.D. that can't find their way past the Orange Julius to Hot Topic. Not that the perversity of offering Century-21 blazers with silkscreened Albrecht Dürer prints isn't amusing--I have to admit that I love browsing through the store. Every once in a while, though, they seem to hit one out of the park. This year, Urban Outfitters is offering a replica of Charlie Brown's pathetic Christmas tree:

Good Grief. Learn the true meaning of Christmas with Charlie Brown's classic pathetic Christmas tree. Leave it bare or dress it up all fancy. The tree is an exact replica of the tree from the famous cartoon, made of wire branches and plastic needles with a criss cross wooden base. The bendable branches allow you to make it look just how you want, super pathetic or just kind of pathetic. The tree comes with one red Christmas ball ornament. Plus the bendable branches make it possible to fold the tree entirely flat for easy storage during the non-yuletide times of the year.
God bless us all...every one.

LINK via BoingBoing via Productdose


At 11/18/2005 12:51:00 PM, Blogger Dennis Stevens said...

I just ordered one of these for my daughter's first Christmas. SWEET!!!

Thanks Garth!


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