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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Surviving with Style

It's been a banner week for craft. Healthy competition between crocheted zombies and knit robots can only be helpful for the craft world at large. Here's one more reason (as if you needed more) for crafters to hold their head up high. This morning, BoingBoing published a link to knitting website knitty, which brings us an article on KNITTED BREAST PROSTHESES! It seems that Beryl Tsang, creator of "tit bits" struggled with not-so-aesthetic prostheses, which, while they might jiggle just right, are heavy, and reminded her of a piece of liver.
Being a MacGyver type, she knitted herself a proud, luxe replacement:

I finished my first knitted titty an hour before the party and wore it with one of my favorite lacy underwires. When a friend, who had been following the whole titty saga, saw me she remarked, "You really did a great job! Your left breast looks almost as good as the right one -- a bit lumpy but very realistic."
"You know," I replied, "It was my right breast that was removed."
LINK to article and pattern via BoingBoing LINK to TitBits store


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