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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Mini Pleasures

Who among us hasn't struggled with a diorama at some point in our lives. My elementary school attempts to immortalize the signers of the constitution in miniature, or create the ultimate science fair display never quite lived up to my imagination. One of the first books that I connected with was Gulliver's Travels (I think it was because my mother told me there was a section in which Gulliver put out a fire by peeing on it--which probably tells you something about me). I spent an inordinate amount of time contemplating the Lilliputians. I think I was a bit too old for "The Borrowers", but I probably would have obsessed about them as well. Why am I rambling like this? I'm trying to figure out just why I love Minimiam so much. The answer is easy: Because Minimiam RULES! Minimiam is the team of Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle. They take photographs of the miniature worlds in my pre-teen thoughts. Miniature ice skaters glide effortlessly in aluminum cupcake cups, all manner of industrious workers dig watermelon seeds, mow the fuzz from kiwi fruit, and herd sheep on giant heads of cauliflower. Their intricate photographs always contain layers of humor, and stand up well to repeated viewing. Start wandering through their world today!



At 10/12/2005 03:40:00 PM, Blogger MzK said...

In the ATL there have been sightings of the teeeeeny weeeeenie people you adore. At Georgia State University thre is a show by Liliana Porter (Argentina) and Ana Tiscornia (Uruguay). Three installations feature the monumental challenges for those of us a smaller stature. Minimalism tickles.


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