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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Industrial Design is Mancraft!

Growing up, I wasn't an especially manly boy. I carried a purse that my Star Wars figures fit neatly into, and enjoyed having my fingernails painted when my Aunt Florence was painting my sisters' (she insisted on painting mine clear, which bummed me out). Even so, I enjoyed a brief flirtation with things like Nunchucks and butterfly knives. I appreciate the manly arts, even though I tended to excel in Home Ec instead. Manly man David Seah came to the realization recently that Industrial Design is essentially, "Crafting for manly men". Sure, lots of women are great industrial designers, but a look around any heavily designed products reveals a certain amount of...well...testosterone. Seah gives us some tips about D.I.Y. knife creation, and lusts for a rivet press the way that I might lust for some Sil-Pat nonstick silicone bakeware. Grunt!

LINK thanks, Kirsten!


At 10/20/2005 01:27:00 AM, Anonymous Dave said...

heh, this is the first time anyone's called ME a manly man! interesting observation on ID being a testosterone-soaked biz, I hadn't made that connection. I love gear, and the idea of making gear is even cooler; it's more I realized that this was the same vibe as crafting. Sort of like when I realized that baseball fanatics were basically huge nerds, the same as the rest of us.


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