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Thursday, October 13, 2005

I want Candyass!

My background is in ceramics, yet I rarely feature ceramic art on Extreme Craft. Why? Because most ceramic artists are neo-hippies who like to whine about how the art world won't take them seriously. This isn't true of everyone, of course, but the vast majority of ceramicists (ceramists?) avoid looking at things in the "big boy" art world like the plague (not to mention their aversion to closed-toed shoes). Sometimes, a ceramic artist finds the clay world a bit too insular, or a bit too stuffy, spreads their wings, and flies the coop. So it is with Cary Leibowitz, who technically never really aligned himself with ceramics anyway. Leibowitz, popularly known to the art world as "Candyass" uses all sorts of tchotchkes and ephemeral objects--ceramic and otherwise to convey his messages.

Masterpieces are for masters - Leibowitz makes his work in the form of schlocky & tacky knick-knacks. He inscribes mundane objects such as teddy bears, frisbees, baseball bats, pennants, rain ponchos, shopping bags, buttons, trashcans, wallpaper, coffee mugs and T-shirts with his expressions of doubt and self-loathing. He turns stereotypes on their ass and back again. Leibowitz almost courts failure. Rich, layered ideas are tossed off pre-maturely as two-bit one-liners, but the sentiments resonate unexpectedly and linger long.
Peruse Art Metropole's virtual Candyass gift shop.


At 10/14/2005 12:48:00 AM, Blogger notthisorthat said...

i am thourougly enjoying what you are doing with this blog. i subscribe to your blog (rss) and understand the importance of letting people know, especially through 'blogger' cause its not on your own server to keep track of who is watching. keep it up! ...and i hope you dont mind the occasional link when it occurs.



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