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Monday, October 10, 2005

Byrne-ing Down the House

How in the world does David Byrne do it? Earlier this year, I got to see him give his PowerPoint lecture about PowerPoint lectures at the Atlanta College of Art. The best part was seeing all of the sheltered art students walking out of the auditorium thinking that Bill Gates had delivered a sloppy wet kiss custom made for artists in Software form. They'll find out differently as soon as they get their jobs as corporate lackeys...but that's a different story.

Even though you don't see him on the front lines, thwarting foes with knitting needles in hand, David Byrne is EXTREMELY CRAFTY. Recently, he designed another great edition of coffee cups for Illy, and now, I hear he's playing a factory. It's not a concert he's playing at the factory--he's playingthe entire damn factory--as an INSTRUMENT! Byrne had his minions wire the vents, ducts, pipes, and pillars of the factory to an organ, which controls the entire cacaphony. Members of the public can visit the factory, which is located outside of Stockholm, and belly up to the organ to give it a try. Byrne maintains anexcellent web journal at his excellent website, davidbyrne.com. I'll be the dude standing outside of the factory, cluelessly yelling "Play Psycho Killer" to no one in particular.

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