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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

REALLY Silly Putty

Last week, Extreme Craft brought you the news that Silly Putty™ could be purchased in 5 lb. amounts directly from Crayola. I should have known that this wasn't extreme enough for some of you. If 5 lbs. of Silly Putty isn't enough for you, check Bulkputty.org for instructions on ordering 100 FREAKING POUNDS of the stuff from Dow Corning. According to the site, the magic words are "3179 Dilatent Compound". Bulkputty.org also has a page of links to other "Extreme" putty sites, including Tim's "Putty Page", which includes experiments, accidents, photos, and MSDS sheets.Wondering what would happen if you dropped 9 pounds of putty from the top of a building?

I shaped a ~9lb chunk of silly putty into an approximate sphere and lobbed it off of the UCC building at the University of Idaho. Approximate distance from the ground: 30-35 feet. The sphere of putty bounced ~12 feet and upon hitting the ground for a second time shattered into many small pieces. I repeated the experiment, but provided additional downwardthrust with my arms. The results were the same, but the shattering waseven more pronounced. Based on these results, I firmly hypothesize that a 100lb of silly putty lobbed off of the Empire State building would shatter upon impact with the ground.
On a similar (but admittedly less crafty) note, last night, I listened to a podcast of NPR's Science Friday where they interviewed the author of The Physics of Superheroes. This book will settle all of your adolescent (or college...or current) arguments about superpowers. I wonder how many knitting art-grannies it will take before they break through the earth's crust. LINK


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