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Monday, September 26, 2005

(Pola)roid Rage

Athens, GA-based artist Amanda Burke is what you would call a renaissance woman. Born and raised in Iowa, Amanda moved to New York to pursue improv comedy, did some shows with the Upright Citizens Brigade, and decided to conquer the art world next. She up and moved to Athens for printmaking grad school, but she can also craft with the best of them. Today, I created a photoset of an amazing artist book that she created out of fun foam. The book is a photo album of polaroids--every polaroid is painstakingly constructed from layer upon layer of the foam. Subjects range from stark (Brooklyn Bridge) to shocking (heart transplant) to tragic (mustachioed synthesizer-wielding musician). I don't love you enough to show you her yeti polaroid...but maybe someday if you're really good.



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