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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The other Church of Craft

I'm not entirely sure how this internet gem passed me by. One of the architects at the firm where I worked sent me this gem...the Taj Mahal..the Great Wall equivalent of the Lego world. I'm guessing that people have done more ambitious projects, but I doubt that anyone can match Amy Hughes for sheer Henry Darger fantasy world potential. Amy's world is populated by the memory of kitties past, as well as all of her well-churched lego citizens. The Abston Church of Christ took 1 1/2 years to complete, and contains approximately 75,000 lego blocks. It measures nearly 5 1/2 feet wide by 7 feet in length, seats 1,372 lego people, and Amy has even provided us with a construction log. The construction log is a mind-melting combination of reality and fantasy:

Construction design details have been finalized. Purchase of construction materials continues. Requests have been made for someone to step forward and do inventory so we don't purchase duplicate materials. Nobody has volunteered.
The neighborhood cats have discovered our stock of construction materials and our prototype projects. Some damage has been done and bricks have been found far from the construction site. The contractor has ruled out trapping, so we need to erect a fence soon.
Our request for a design for a cat-proof fence was met with laughter. The current specification is for a fence of foam-filled display board as tall as the sky, which is approximately five feet over the new Dining Table Ave.
Experience the wonder for yourself. Also, check out her other lego projects, including office buildings and a convention center, and ponder her scheduled projects, including some tableaus from DUNE, and a freakin' SKYSCRAPER! I want my mommy.



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